Bajrang Punia faces criticism for Asian Games loss, but INDIA bloc comes out in support

‘Country lost assured medal’ — Punia faces flak for Asian Games loss, INDIA bloc says ‘proud’ of him

Punia, who lost out at Asian Games, was supported by fellow wrestlers & INDIA alliance. The Oppn bloc lauded him for ‘facing a goon, while demanding justice for women wrestlers’. Read Sushil Manav’s report.

Upon seeing water level rise suddenly at 10.30 pm on 3 October, jawan inform his commandant who alerted battalion HQ in Gangtok by 10.40 pm. By 10.50 pm, Chungthang had been warned, reports Moushumi Das Gupta.

Hamas ‘militants’ or ‘terrorists’? BBC & Canadian public broadcaster face ire over Israel coverage

BBC’s coverage ‘not balanced’, says UK special envoy for post-Holocaust issues, while Canadian columnist says CBC ‘is far less disciplined in avoiding use of word terrorism’, reports Pia Krishnankutty.

PM Modi is moving on from Vajpayee-era mass leaders. New India, New Parliament, New BJP

The coming assembly election will see the remnants of the BJP from the Vajpayee era finally making way for a new crop of leaders—those who owe it all to PM Modi and Shah, writes D.K. Singh.

Yes, Israel has wronged Palestinians. But that’s not the immediate issue, terrorism is

There is a lot of bigotry and a worrying amount of Islamophobia in India. But our responses to Hamas’ terrorism go beyond that, writes Vir Sanghvi.

Israel-Gaza crisis holds brutal lessons in how not to fight terrorism & insurgencies

There’s little doubt the tactically skilled IDF will succeed in crushing Hamas incursions in the next few days. Like the 1973 war, the crisis holds 3 important lessons, writes Praveen Swami.

In this war of dead baby pictures, yours versus mine, the question of who’s the victim will be lost

Benjamin Netanyahu persisting with his sledgehammer approach where a scalpel might have worked is not wise. In the war of dead-baby pictures, the question of who’s the real victim will inevitably be obfuscated, writes Shekhar Gupta in this week’s ‘National Interest’.