‘Even If MS Dhoni Plays On One Leg…’: Irfan Pathan On CSK Legend’s Future Ahead Of IPL 2024

MS Dhoni is poised to make his on-field comeback in the Indian Premier League (IPL) season 2024, resuming his role as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Despite concerns about his knee injury following IPL 2023, Dhoni confirmed his participation in the 17th edition of the tournament. Former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan says that Dhoni might extend his IPL career beyond the 2024 edition. As the iconic captain of CSK, Dhoni has already secured an impressive five IPL titles with the franchise.

MS Dhoni has already started preparations for the IPL 2024 season, as evident from his training sessions in Ranchi. The CSK captain was seen sporting his characteristic long hair, a feature that he might maintain in what is anticipated to be his final season in the IPL. There were speculations about Dhoni’s retirement from the IPL last season as well, but the Jharkhand hero dismissed such rumours by expressing his desire to return and play for CSK for at least another year, framing his decision as a return gift to the fans who have supported him throughout his illustrious career.

As IPL 2024 draws near, fans are optimistic about MS Dhoni’s fitness and hope to see him play for several more seasons. Former India all-rounder Irfan Pathan has provided a significant update on Dhoni, disclosing that he recently had a meeting with the veteran cricketer.

‘Definitely Not’: Irfan Pathan On MS Dhoni’s Potential IPL Retirement

During an event organised by Star Sports, Irfan Pathan shared insights about MS Dhoni’s fitness, dispelling any notions that IPL 2024 might be his last season. “Definitely not (responding to whether IPL 2024 will be Dhoni’s last season). I met him about a month ago. He had long hair, he is growing his hair. He is going back to the old times and looking supremely fit. For a guy, who is past 40 and still looking so fit. I really hope for his sake, for his franchise’s sake and all the fans’ sake, he continues to play,” Pathan said.

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Pathan Wants Dhoni ‘To Go Out On A High’

Highlighting Dhoni’s fitness, Irfan Pathan further suggested that even if Dhoni were to play on one leg, fans would still eagerly watch him. Pathan hopes Dhoni concludes his career on a high note if IPL 2024 happens to be his final season. He emphasised Dhoni’s inseparable connection with Chennai Super Kings (CSK), suggesting that Dhoni will always be associated with both CSK and the IPL, given their mutual significance.

“I said it… obviously, it was over-the-top, even if MS Dhoni plays on one leg, people will still like to see him play. If this is his last season, I really want him to go out on a high. I feel he will never go out of IPL, he will never go out of CSK. CSK is Dhoni, Dhoni is CSK. It’s the same thing,” Irfan added