From Sewing Machines To Success: Tale Of A Remarkable Journey Of Indias Wealthiest Female Fashion Designer

New Delhi: Against all odds, Anita Dongre’s determination and hard work have led to a remarkable achievement that inspires many. From facing numerous challenges to overcoming obstacles, this success story exemplifies the power of perseverance and dedication.

With a clear vision and unwavering commitment, Anita Dongre has proven that with passion and resilience, anything is possible.

Who Is Anita Dongre?

Anita Dongre holds the title of richest female fashion designer in India with a network of more than 270 boutiques spread across the country and a fortune in the hundreds of crores.

Anita Dongre: Starting With Two Sewing Machines

Anita’s inspiring rise from poverty—which she began with just two sewing machines—is an accurate rags-to-riches tale.

Anita Dongre: How She Decided To Go In This Story?

Her mother, a skilled tailor who made clothes for Anita and her brothers, is credited with introducing her to the world of clothing. This early exposure sparked her interest in fashion and laid the groundwork for her impressive career advancement.

Anita Dongre: Fashion Designer Journey

Growing up, Anita Dongre learned that there was no Indian retail company that provided fairly priced clothing for working women. At 19, she decided to bridge that gap by becoming a fashion designer. Due to the strict downplaying of fashion design at the time, her mother was encouraging but her relatives were not.

Anita Dongre: How She Started Her Own Business?

Anita only required two sewing machines and a small loan from her father to start her own business. In 1995, Anita and her sister started producing Western apparel in a small flat. Every mall and large brand turned down her outfit, but this didn’t make her lose her heart.

Anita Dongre: Starting Of Her Own Company

Anita Dongre decided to launch her own company, which she called AND Designs, after experiencing rejection. In 2015, she changed the name of the company she started to House of Anita Dongre.

She created a hybrid dress system that combined both conventional and Western components, and it quickly became popular. Anita Dongre began in a tiny apartment and now operates 270 outlets around the nation.

Anita Dongre: Net Worth

She is currently one of the wealthiest fashion designers in India. Her company is currently worth Rs 1400 crore.