Google For India 2023: From Manufacturing Pixel Smartphones To Formal Credit – 5 Top Announcements

New Delhi: Google announced today 5 major initiatives for India under ‘Google for India 2023’ event in New Delhi. This was the ninth annual Google event that aimed to develop and integrate new products and developments by the tech giant. The big annoucements ranging from manufacturing pixel smartphone to expanding the reach of formal credit have aimed to boost the power of India’s home-grown Digital Public Infrastructure for ‘Digital India’.

Manufacturing Pixel Smartphones in India

Google announced that it plans to start manufacturing pixels – the only phones developed by Google – in India in an effort to make them more widely available across the country. It says that it will start with Pixel 8, its newly launched smartphone, from 2024 and will partner international and domestic manufacturers. 

Entering into the retail loan business

Google pay will now be able to easily find and make payments for pre-approved credit lines from banks. The company said that it will be helpful for millions of underserved but eligible Indians across India to now access formal credit. Moreover, it not only aims to target only personal loan but they can also serve India’s Small Businesses to access formal credit with more flexibility and convenience to meet their working capital needs. 

Cloud Infrastructure for citizen-centric services

To help expand the benefits of technology to people and small businesses across India, Google Cloud announced a range of collaborations with several of the country’s key organizations. Google Cloud and Axis My India — one of the country’s leading media companies — announced the launch of an inclusive and multilingual super-app called “a.” Its purpose is to grow people’s awareness and access to government social welfare programs, basic day-to-day amenities, employment opportunities and healthcare benefits. This app will use Google Cloud’s infrastructure to help bring access to Indians across the country, whether they live in rural or urban areas. 

We also announced an expanded partnership with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) to help Farmer Producer Organizations more efficiently and easily sell their produce online, and a collaboration with the international arm of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to introduce real-time payment systems via UPI for easier overseas payments.

AI Integration

Google announced that it will integrate its generative AI search overview for over 100 crucial government programs around employment, housing, healthcare, farming, women’s welfare and more. Moreover, it will also roll out Search features to help small businesses show up better in Search results with a more visual, relevant andeasily-filterable product feed. 

Focusing on safety

Google launched Digikavach initiative to develop and implement safeguards to protect people from scams, malware and online fraud.  The initiative aims to work with industry partners and committed experts to share insights and combat online financial fraud. It will study how scammers operate, and work in tandem to develop and implement countermeasures to new emerging scams.