Google’s ChatGPT Rival Launch Faces More Delays: Here’s When It Might Come – News18

Last Updated: November 20, 2023, 08:30 IST

Google Gemini AI has been in the works for a while but still not launched

Google was supposed to have its ChatGPT rival out in the market by now but the company is clearly wanting to make sure its AI chatbot is fully ready.

Google’s wait to seriously challenge ChatGPT is likely to get pushed till early 2024 as per new reports. The company has been talking big about its plans for AI which we have already seen with the Search AI integration along with Docs and Gmail among others.

But the elusive competitor to go up against ChatGPT is still in the works and Google is reportedly taking a longer look at the technology before expected to roll out in Q1 2024 as per a report by The Information.

Google has faced this setback after realising that the Gemini AI chatbot is still not equipped to handle the tough tasks that people might throw at it. The development is surely a concern for Google, which, the report says, has already spoken about the AI tech and told them that it will be launching in November this year itself.

Google has already spoken about its decision to go easy with the launch of the ChatGPT rival as it looks to settle the scenes and enter the market with a fully-capable AI model.

These decisions also stem from the fact that Bard has received mixed response from the market, and it would want the supposed ChatGPT 4.0 rival to be an equal or a better version, which could then be pushed towards the enterprise market where the company could really monetise its technology.

There is no doubt that OpenAI has a solid advantage because of its generational leap and availability across platforms but there is definitely no need to rush the AI model, something that Google is trying at its end, and use the expertise of its co-founder Sergey Brin to craft a robust and sound AI system.