Here Are Some IAS-IPS Couples Who Tied Knot In Simplest Ways – News18

IAS Yuvraj Marmat and IPS Mounika had a court marriage.

IPS Navjot Simi and IAS Tushar Singla solemnised their marriage in a temple after an office ceremony.

Indian weddings are known worldwide for their extravagance, designer outfits and diverse cuisine, and are often referred to as “Big Fat Indian Weddings”. This trend, depicted in various global movies and shows, extends to ordinary individuals who sometimes exceed their budget for weddings. Amidst this, simple yet heartwarming wedding images of numerous IAS-IPS officers have gained attention, showcasing their modest union.

The marriage of IPS Navjot Simi and IAS Tushar Singla garnered significant admiration. Both serving in the Bihar cadre, the couple tied the knot in West Bengal while Tushar Singla was posted there. Their wedding took place on February 14, 2020, at Tushar’s workplace, sparking widespread discussions. Additionally, they also solemnised their marriage in a temple subsequent to the office ceremony.

Yuvraj Marmat, an IAS officer serving as Assistant Collector in Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh district, was in the spotlight due to his recent marriage. He tied the knot with Mounika, an IPS officer from the Telangana cadre. Both cleared the UPSC Civil Services exam in 2021. Apart from their love story, the attention shifted towards the modesty of their wedding, which gained popularity. Yuvraj’s choice of a court marriage has set a notable example for the younger generation.

Amid the simplicity brought about by the demonetisation in November 2016, a noteworthy union took place. IAS officers Saloni Sidana and Ashish Vashisht became a couple for a lifetime. While it’s common for IAS couples to spend significant amounts on their weddings, this couple redefined their bond in a meaningful way, spending only Rs 500. Both belong to the 2014 batch.

Ria Dabi, the younger sister of IAS Tina Dabi, serves in the Rajasthan cadre. She opted for a court marriage with her fellow batchmate IPS Manish Kumar. They had endeavoured to keep their relationship private, but when IPS Manish Kumar was transferred, suspicions turned into certainty. Following this development, the couple began openly sharing their affection on social media.