I Tried The New Menu At Camillo’s And It Was A Feast For The Senses

When I heard that The Manor New Delh was launching a new pizzeria and bistro called Camillo’s, I was intrigued. I had heard good things about chef Sudeep Kashikar, who had previously worked at some of the best Italian restaurants in the country. I was curious to see what he had in store for his new venture. So when I got an exclusive invitation to try their new menu, I jumped at the opportunity. Camillo’s is not your typical pizza place. It’s a place where you can enjoy authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, made with dough that has 70 per cent hydration and undergoes a comprehensive hot and cold proofing process, as well as a variety of modern dishes that showcase the diversity and richness of Italian cuisine. Here are some dishes that made me fall in love with Camillo’s.
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The first dish that arrived was the ‘The Manor’ Caesar. This was a simple but satisfying take on the classic Caesar salad, with charred iceberg lettuce that gave it a smoky flavour, while still being cold and crunchy. The salad was dressed with an in-house dressing and herb oil, which added a nice touch of freshness and flavour. It was a perfect way to start the meal.
Next up was the Parmigiana Pizza Salad. This was one of the most innovative and delicious dishes I have ever tried. It was a salad on top of a caramelized pizza base, acting as a giant crouton. The pizza base was glazed with demerara sugar, cooked in the oven, and then topped with Roman iceberg, arugula, and fresh fruits. The salad had a mango and chilli dressing, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and balsamic vinegar, which gave it a sweet, tangy, and spicy taste. The marinated feta cheese balanced it all with its creamy and salty flavour. This dish was a burst of flavours and textures in every bite.

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Main Course

For the main course, I tried two different pizzas: the Sundried Tomato and Basil Pizza and the BBQ Chicken Pizza. Both pizzas were made with thin and crispy crusts, which were light and airy. The Sundried Tomato and Basil Pizza was a variation of the classic Margherita pizza, with candied tomatoes that had been dehydrated to a meaty consistency and topped with fresh mozzarella and pesto oil. The pizza had a sweet and savoury taste, with a hint of basil. The BBQ Chicken Pizza was made with grilled chicken that had been tossed in an in-house barbecue sauce, spread on the pizza base, cooked in the oven, and then topped with sesame seeds and scallions. The pizza had a smoky and spicy taste, with a crunch from the sesame seeds and a freshness from the scallions.

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I also tried one of their big plates: the Prawns. This dish consisted of juicy prawns that had been glazed with garlic butter and sambal sauce, cooked in the oven, and then topped with cilantro. The prawns had a rich and flavorful taste, with a kick from the sambal sauce. The sourdough bread on the side balanced the dish with its crunch and flavour.
Some of the other must-try pizzas on the menu include Wild Mushroom and Burrata, Caramelized Onion and Feta, and Prosciutto Crudo.
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To end the meal on a sweet note, I had the chef’s special Tiramisu. This was one of the best tiramisus I have ever had. It was neither too sweet nor too bitter, but just right. It had layers of moist sponge cake soaked in coffee and liqueur, creamy mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder, and chocolate shavings. It was smooth and decadent, with a rich coffee flavour.


Camillo’s at The Manor New Delhi is a place where you can enjoy some of the best pizzas and dishes in town, made with fresh ingredients and authentic flavours. The ambience is relaxed and cosy, with warm colours and rustic furniture. The service is warm and hospitable, with chef Sudeep Kashikar personally greeting each guest and explaining his menu. Whether you are looking for a casual meal with friends and family or a relaxed meeting with colleagues, Camillo’s is the place to go.
Price for two: INR 2,500
Where: The Manor Hotel, 77, Mathura Road, Friends Colony West, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

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