Israel-Hamas War: Elon Musk reacts after Tesla Model 3 helped save a man’s life

Israel-Hamas War: ‘Glad he made it!’ this is what Tesla and X owner Elon Musk said on the social media platform after a story was shared on how a Tesla Model 3 saved a man’s life from a rocket attack in Israel.

The man, known simply as ‘C,’ hails from Kibbutz Mefalsim and serves as a member of the settlement’s emergency squad. The shocking account of his encounter with Hamas terrorists and the Tesla’s resilience was shared by Gilad Alper, Head of Israel’s Freedom Party.

Recounting the harrowing incident from his hospital bed, where he has undergone head and hand surgeries, ‘C’ described the terrifying moment when the terrorists, riding in a Toyota truck equipped with a machine gun, spotted him just 10 yards away. The terrorists, armed with Kalashnikovs and a larger caliber machine gun, opened fire on his vehicle, unaware that it was an electric Tesla Model 3. Their misguided attempt to disable the car led to shots aimed at the non-existent engine and fuel tank, while they managed to puncture ‘C’s’ tires.

However, ‘C’ swiftly accelerated in his Tesla, initiating a high-speed chase. Despite the damaged tires, the remarkable acceleration of the Tesla Model 3 kept him on the road, and he managed to distance himself from the attackers. Realizing the urgency of reaching the hospital, ‘C’ pushed the electric vehicle to its limits, reaching speeds of up to 112 mph with deflated tires. The tires gradually disintegrated, yet the dual-drive system of the Tesla continued to balance the wheels, even when some were reduced to rims. Remarkably, the electric car’s battery remained cool, despite taking numerous bullets, leaving virtually no part of the vehicle untouched by gunfire.

Although ‘C’ sustained gunshot wounds in his legs, hand, and skull, his determination and the Tesla Model 3’s unwavering performance were instrumental in ensuring his escape and survival. This story serves as a testament to both human resilience and the remarkable engineering of electric vehicles in the most challenging of circumstances.

Elon Musk, said, “Glad me made it!”

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