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Published By: Sheen Kachroo

Last Updated: August 26, 2023, 09:21 IST

Teaching Internships: If you are looking for some internship opportunities, we have curated a list for you (Representative Image)

Teaching Internships: An aspirant through internships can increase their professional growth and learn advanced teaching techniques

A great approach to begin your career is through an internship. A person is exposed to the daily struggles and demands of a career without making a firm commitment to that particular line of work. Based on the internship experience, one can determine whether a particular profession is good for their skills and interests.

A teaching internships can increase their professional growth and learn advanced teaching techniques by participating in a teaching internship. Working with seasoned educators will aid in the discovery of new strategies for controlling the classroom and engaging students. A teaching internship gives a chance to advance their professional development and discover fresh teaching strategies. If you are looking for some teaching internship opportunities, we have curated a list for you.

Teaching (Scratch Coding) At GEMA Education Technology Private Limited

Beginning on September 8, 2023, the teaching internship will last three months. For interns who are ready to start right away, a stipend of Rs 2000 is provided each month. The role entails developing and facilitating interesting and instructional Google Scratch exercises as well as coming up with creative Google Scratch-related projects that will allow students to put their knowledge to use in a real-world situation. For the purpose of strengthening educational activities and course curricula, interns must offer feedback and suggestions. The duties of the new interns will include keeping track of student attendance and progress. Only those who can begin the work-from-home job or internship between August 25 and September 29 are eligible to apply.

Subject Matter Expert for Chemistry/Mathematics/ Statistics Internship

Cloudbird Digital Private Limited is a global ed-tech company serving 12+ countries across the globe and is the largest content creation company enabling the leading ed-tech companies in the world. It is offering a three-month internship starting from September 7, 2023, with a stipend of Rs 7000-8000 per month. The endeavour is to connect exceptional learning pedagogy with the K-12 & university segments through cutting-edge technology. The work of interns will be to check as well as solve problems from books in a step-by-step format for the related subject (chemistry/mathematics/ statistics) UG level. Those candidates who are available for full-time (in-office) internship can apply.

Home Tutoring Part-Time Job

Offered by Nerdy Academy is a professional home service provider for students of classes nursery to 12. It’s a six-month internship with a stipend of Rs 5000- Rs 20000. The work of interns is to travel to the student’s location and deliver lessons. Interns can choose according to their suitable timing with an option of part-time or full-time. After successful completion of the internship, interns will get certified as an educator. The requirement is to start the part-time job/internship between 21st Aug’23 and 25th Sep’23. Interns should be open to relocating to Bhilai, Durg and neighbouring cities.

Advanced English Teacher (IELTS)

This internship is for three weeks and will provide a monthly stipend of Rs 3000. OckyPocky is looking for an enthusiastic and experienced elementary maths teaching intern who has a passion for teaching. The ideal candidate should have a creative way of teaching and should ensure that students gain a strong foundation in the basics of mathematics. The responsibility of interns will be to create lesson plans for students above 12 years for IELTS in an engaging and interactive way. Monitor students’ progress and ensure they are meeting predetermined goals and metrics.

Teaching Internship at Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz is devoted to developing programs for children ages 3-12 that provide an extraordinary atmosphere where students learn to build unique creations with LEGO bricks. It is a six month long internship and provides a stipend of Rs 14000-15000 monthly. The responsibilities of the interns include taking in-person classes as per the curriculum provided, Planning, preparing, and delivering the lessons to all the students in the class. It should be noted that the opportunity is only for female candidates. Those candidates who can start the internship between 15th Aug’23 and 19th Sep’23 will be given the opportunity.

Tutor for Kid

Tutor For Kid is India’s virtual classroom for kids. Children all throughout the world receive 1:1 coding instruction from them. It is a job that can be done from home and pays Rs 6,000 a month. For this, 36 possibilities have been provided, and the chosen interns’ daily tasks include preparing lectures, engaging in online teaching, and leading kid-friendly activities. Only those who are available for the work-from-home job or internship should apply. Those who can begin the work-from-home internship between August 25, 23, and September 29, 23 will be preferred for this internship.