Meet Bindyarani Devi, First Indian To Win Bronze Medal In Weightlifting World Cup 55KG Event

New Delhi: As the India is completely busy with ongoing IPL, Weightlifter Bindyarani Devi showcased her prowess on Tuesday as she clinched the bronze medal in the highly competitive women’s 55kg event at the esteemed IWF World Cup. Renowned for her sterling performance at the Commonwealth Games, where she secured the silver medal, Bindya delivered a commendable performance despite competing in a non-Olympic weight class. With sheer determination and strength, she lifted a remarkable total of 196kg (83kg in snatch and 113kg in clean and jerk), securing her well-deserved spot on the podium. Notably, her prowess was particularly evident in the clean and jerk category, where she excelled with a notable lift of 113 kg, earning her the silver medal in that segment.

In events such as continental championships, World Cups, and World Championships, medals are bestowed separately for snatch, clean and jerk, and total lift. Despite her previous successes, Bindya faced a daunting challenge in the non-Olympic weight class. Her performance, while commendable, fell short of her previous achievements, such as her 2022 CWG medal-winning effort of 203kg. Despite her best efforts, Bindya managed to secure only three legal lifts out of six attempts, resulting in a total lift that was 38kg less than that of the gold medalist, North Korea’s Kang Hyon Gyong, who lifted a staggering 234kg (103kg in snatch and 131kg in clean and jerk).

Among her competitors, Romania’s Cambei Mihaela-Valentina emerged as a formidable contender, securing the silver medal with a remarkable personal best effort of 201kg (91kg in snatch and 110kg in clean and jerk). Mihaela-Valentina, who has earned qualification for the Paris Olympics in Mirabai Chanu’s 49kg weight class, transitioned to the 59kg weight class, which will feature in the upcoming Paris Games. Despite her past participation in the 2022 world championships in the 59kg category, where she finished 25th, Bindya currently finds herself ranked 29th in the 59kg Olympic Qualification Ranking (OQR). Unfortunately, she is out of contention for Olympic qualification, as only the top 10 lifters in each weight class will secure a spot in the prestigious Paris Games.