Meet Manjari Jaruhar, The First Woman IPS Officer From Bihar – News18

IPS officer Manjari Jaruhar’s memoir is called Madam Sir.

Manjari started her career as an SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) in the Criminal Investigation.

Becoming an IPS officer in India is an arduous journey, with millions of aspirants vying for a limited number of coveted positions. In this challenging pursuit, retired IPS officer Manjari Jaruhar’s story stands out as a testament to unwavering determination and resilience. Her memoir, titled “Madam Sir,” chronicles her remarkable journey, from early struggles to becoming the first lady IPS officer in Bihar and the fifth in all of India.

Hailing from a prestigious family in Bihar, where several members have held illustrious positions as IAS and IPS officers, Manjari faced unique obstacles in her path to success. Despite her family’s esteemed background, they did not actively support her academic pursuits, harbouring the belief that she should embrace the role of a homemaker. However, Manjari’s thirst for knowledge and her relentless spirit pushed her to pursue her educational goals.

At the tender age of 19, Manjari was married to an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer. Her early years of marriage were marred by numerous challenges, compounded by a lack of support from her husband and in-laws. Eventually, the strain on their relationship led to separation.

Despite societal expectations to remarry, Manjari had her sights set on a different path. Armed with an honours degree in English from Patna Women’s College and a post-graduate degree from Delhi University, she embarked on her civil service examination preparation journey in 1976.

Her dedication paid off when she successfully cracked the examination, earning the distinction of becoming the first lady IPS officer from Bihar and the fifth in all of India. Her accomplishment was a resounding testament to her resilience and unwavering commitment to her dream.

Manjari’s initial posting as a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in the Criminal Investigation Department was a desk job, far from the field posting she aspired to. However, her determination led her to seek help from a senior officer, who was her close friend’s father and was approaching retirement. He played a pivotal role in facilitating her transition to a field posting, which was her cherished goal.

In due course, Manjari’s journey took another significant turn when she tied the knot with Rakesh Jaruhar, an IPS officer. Together, they embarked on a new chapter in their lives, sharing the remarkable journey of serving the nation in the Indian Police Service.