Suhasini says being Mani Ratnam’s wife is a full-time job: ’24 hours are not enough’

Actor and Mani Ratnam’s wife Suhasini Maniratnam has revealed that she initially had no desire to marry and settle down. However, Suhasini shared that something inside her changed, and she made the personal choice to marry and embrace a family life. She also offered a glimpse into her daily life with Mani Ratnam and how they cherish each other’s company.

In an interview with ABP, Suhasini was asked, “Do you sometimes feel  being Mani Ratnam’s wife is also  a full-time job?” Suhasini replied and said, “It’s more than a full-time job. 24 hours are not enough to be Mani Ratnam’s wife, but that’s how women work all the time. See, when I was young, 20 years old, hormones worked differently. I wanted to stay in an apartment with some of my girlfriends and not get into family issues, not even get married. I wanted a career, and I wanted my freedom. But then slowly, when you get into a family setup, something happens within you which takes over.”

Suhasini said that her getting married and settling down was a very unexpected change in her life and added that nobody asked her to give up anything. She said, “I cannot believe that I’m the same woman today who was 20 years ago. I’m completely different. I am Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, everything bundled into one, but it’s my own wish. I don’t think anybody forced me to do it.”

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Talking about her day-to-day life with the director, Suhasini said that they enjoy their time together and added that they have dinner together everyday in their beautiful courtyard and said that their dinners together are wonderful.

She said, “We really have a good time. We have the moonlight, and we have the breeze from the beach, and we have the best food available on Earth – South Indian food. And then we sit opposite each other and we enjoy the food and say how lucky we are. Very few people do that, I think, you know. We’re very happy with each other’s company and what the world has given us. We are not bored of each other yet.”

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Suhasini and Mani Ratnam tied the knot in 1988 and the couple has a son–Nandan.