“Too Much Love” : Mumbai Lawyer Lists Bizarre Reasons For Divorces

“Wife refused to touch husband’s feet” was one of the reasons highlighted in the video.

A Mumbai-based lawyer and content creator Tanya Appachu Kaul shared some bizarre reasons for which couples seek divorce these days and the list has got the internet talking. Although a lot of people highlighted the patriarchal attitude in society for a lot of splits, some suggested that marriages these days are a sham.

Ms Kaul took to Instagram and shared that one of the reasons was that the wife dresses in a “vulgar manner” during their honeymoon. She also stated another reason, that the husband was preparing for Union Public Service Commission examinations and did not give her enough time.

“Wife refused to touch husband’s feet” and “wife doesn’t know how to cook and had to leave for work without breakfast” were some of the other reasons highlighted in her now-viral reel.

Meanwhile, another woman complained that her husband “gives too much love and attention and doesn’t fight at all,” which was the source of her problems. The lawyer was probably referring to a case that came to light in 2020, in which a lady from Uttar Pradesh filed for divorce from her husband because he loved her too much and that they had never fought throughout the 18 months of their marriage.

Since being shared, the reel has amassed over one lakh likes and 1.6 million views. “Matlab Shaadi hi kyun karna hai (Why do you have to marry?),” reads the caption of the post.

“People want wedding not marriage these days,” said a user.

“Pre marital counseling should be made compulsory,” said another person.

A third user added, “Notice how men are asking for divorce because wives wouldn’t obey them and wives because they aren’t feeling loved?”

“People should stop getting married only,” said a person.

“Shows that for those looking for excuses, even trivial issues can be a trigger,” commented a user.

Another said, “Snoring also have seen in news.”

“Valid reasons why I don’t want to get married,” remarked a person.

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