UK Woman Wrongly Diagnosed With Cancer For Two Years, Wins Compensation

Megan Royle from East Yorkshire, was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2019.

A resident of Yorkshire, United Kingdom, received compensation after being wrongly diagnosed with cancer and undergoing two years of unnecessary treatment.

In 2019, Megan Royle, a 33-year-old from East Yorkshire, received a diagnosis of skin cancer. As a part of her treatment, she underwent immunotherapy and took measures to preserve her eggs because of the potential impact on her fertility. She is currently in a state of utter disbelief upon discovering that she was incorrectly diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery, despite never actually having the condition.

According to The BBC, she was given the all-clear in 2021; a review showed she never had cancer, and she has now won compensation from the two NHS trusts involved.

Ms. Royle from Beverley told the news outlet, “You just can’t really believe something like this can happen, and still to this day I’ve not had an explanation as to how and why it happened.

“I spent two years believing I had cancer, went through all the treatment, and then was told there had been no cancer at all.”

Ms Royle, a theatrical make-up artist living in London, said that the news “took a while to sink in.”

“You’d think the immediate emotion would be relief, and, in some sense, it was, but I’d say the greater emotions were frustration and anger.”

She added, “I wasn’t in a good place for quite some time, to be honest, strange as that may seem.” 

The news outlet further reported that with Hull-based Hudgell Solicitors, Ms Royle has won an out-of-court settlement from the two London NHS trusts involved.

According to the news outlet, Ms Royle, represented by Hudgell Solicitors based in Hull, has successfully secured an out-of-court settlement from the two London NHS trusts responsible for her case.

A spokesperson from The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust said: “We wish to offer our sincere apologies to Megan Royle for the distress caused by her experience at our trust.

“We are pleased a settlement has been agreed.”

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