Viral Video Reveals How Lavash Bread Is Made – Watch It Here

Bread is the ultimate comfort food that everyone just can’t get enough of. From French baguettes to Indian naan, it’s a universal thing that brings us all together. The smell, the taste, the way it feels in your hands – it’s like a big warm hug for your stomach. Whether you are munching on a sandwich or tearing into a fresh loaf, there is just something about bread that makes the world feel right. We might speak different languages, but the love for bread is a language we all understand. But have you ever thought about how it’s made? The process may vary across different regions. In a trending video, we witness the traditional method of baking “Armenian lavash bread”.

In this captivating scene, a cook sits on the ground, skillfully shaping a long piece of dough into an oval. Placing it over a lengthy cushion for the proper form, the bread is carefully positioned into the fiery sides of a tandoor (oven). With flames dancing around, another cook deftly uses a long metal poke to turn the bread inside the tandoor, ensuring an even cook on both sides. Moments later, as the lavash emerges, perfectly cooked, it bears a striking resemblance to the beloved Indian tandoori roti

Watch the video here:

The video has sparked considerable online attention, with some claiming that the bread being made is not Armenian but, in fact, Turkish bread. 

One user expressed scepticism, stating, “Armenian Lavash? Lavash (Lavaş) is a Turkish word, bruh, and it is Turkish bread.” 

Another comment suggested a historical connection, noting, “That is Turkish bread. They probably learned it when they lived in Turkey.” 

A third comment accused, “Stolen from Turkey.”

A defender argued, “For all those who claim that lavash is Azerbaijani or Turkish. Lavash has ARMENIAN origin; it was baked in ovens back in the days when Azerbaijan and Turkey did not exist.” 

On a different note, an Indian user added, “And in India, we call it tandoori roti.” 

We may not be able to try Lavash bread right now, how about making some tasty Indian tandoori roti at home? Here are a few easy recipes for you to give it a shot!