Watch: Chef Transforms Ordinary Uttapam into a Beautiful Edible Art

The beauty of art, aesthetics, and creativity is that it can exist anywhere and everywhere, leaving us surprised and in awe. Art can always exist outside the canvas-on clothes, walls, decor, and even food. Have you ever wondered how a simple Uttapam can be turned into a piece of art? We were surprised too! Watch this video in which Chef Surabhi Sehgal transforms this South Indian dish into a work of edible art. Vegetables used to create this artistic Uttapam include baby corn, green onions, okra, pickled onions, and mustard microgreens.
Watch the video here.

Feeling Inspired to Create Food Art? Here Is the Process to Make This Uttapam:

  1. Begin by thinly slicing all the veggies used to make the flowers. This includes baby corn, pickled onions, and okra.
  2. You also need to shave off thin slices of green onion for the stem of the flowers, and lastly, separate tiny mustard microgreens for the leaves of the plant.
  3. Once all the elements are ready, spread the Uttapam batter on a cast-iron tawa. Now, using tweezers, gently pick and arrange the veggies that will make the flower on the Uttapam.
  4. Next, add the green onion stems and finish off with the mustard microgreen leaves.
  5. Now add oil to the pan and cook the Uttapam from the bottom. Flip it to cook from both sides. The chef serves it with spicy Beetroot Chutney to add the pink color to the plate.

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How Foodies and Cooking Enthusiasts Reacted to This Artistic Uttapam:

“Edible art! It looks too good to eat.”
“Looks like embroidery on fabric.”
“What a gorgeous artwork on a plate.”
“Such art! So therapeutic.”
“Lovely piece of art, can’t even bear to have it.”
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Cooking as a Form of Art:

Artistic experiments with food continue to leave viewers in awe. In a way, cooking itself is an art form that gives all cooks a medium to unleash their inner artists. Of course, all cooks need kind people who appreciate their work of art. As Sridevi’s character, ‘Shashi’, points out in the film ‘English Vinglish,’ “Man cooking…art. Lady cooking…duty.” If you are a big fan of food and art, take time out to look for it in the next meal you prepare or are served. Happy eating!