WATCH: David Warner, Mitchell Marsh Goes All Guns Blazing Against Haris Rauf To Score 24 Runs In An Over, Video Goes Viral

In a jaw-dropping display of power-hitting, David Warner and Mitchell Marsh turned the tide for Australia in a thrilling encounter against Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup 2023. Haris Rauf, Pakistan’s young pace sensation, faced the onslaught as the Australian duo hammered him for 24 runs in a single over, leaving cricket fans around the world astounded. The video capturing this remarkable over has gone viral, and fans are in awe of the sheer brilliance displayed by Warner and Marsh.


Haris Rauf’s Nightmare Over

Warner and Marsh Unleash Fury

The fireworks began in the 8th over when Haris Rauf was entrusted with the ball. It was David Warner who faced the first ball of the over and wasted no time. Rauf delivered a length ball, and Warner, displaying incredible timing and strength, smashed it over the fine leg boundary for a spectacular six.

Marsh Joins the Party

With Warner setting the tone, Mitchell Marsh was next in line to face Rauf. The Australian all-rounder showcased his class as he elegantly guided the ball past the point fielder for a boundary. This was just the beginning of the nightmare over for Rauf.

Marsh Strikes Again

Mitchell Marsh seemed to be in the form of his life as he went on to dispatch Rauf for two consecutive boundaries. First, he rode the bounce of a back-of-length delivery, punching it past the point fielder with precision. The second boundary came as a result of a perfectly executed square drive, leaving the Pakistani fielders stunned.

Warner Adds to the Agony

Not to be outdone, David Warner wasn’t far behind. He unleashed his wrath by slashing a short and wide delivery over point for another boundary. The Australian duo’s aggressive batting had sent Pakistan reeling.

Pakistan on the Back Foot

With 20 runs already accumulated off the over, Haris Rauf’s confidence was shattered. He tried to correct his line but ended up bowling a wide down the leg side as Mitchell Marsh attempted a pull shot.

David Warner managed to squeeze a single off the last ball of the over, taking the tally for that over to an astonishing 24 runs. Pakistan was clearly on the back foot, and Australia was gaining momentum in the World Cup match.

The Viral Sensation

The sensational over was captured on camera, and the video quickly became a viral sensation on social media platforms. Fans from all over the world marvelled at the incredible display of power hitting from David Warner and Mitchell Marsh. The video not only showcases their immense talent but also highlights the unpredictability and excitement that cricket World Cups bring to the global stage.

The 2023 Cricket World Cup continues to be a thrilling spectacle with moments of sheer brilliance and breathtaking displays of cricketing talent. David Warner and Mitchell Marsh’s incredible assault on Haris Rauf is just one example of the excitement that this tournament has to offer. Cricket enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more such remarkable moments as the tournament unfolds.