WATCH: Patna Street Vendor’s Unique ‘Egg Pouch’ Prep Technique Sparks Online Frenzy

Eggs, a versatile culinary delight in Indian kitchens, have taken on a novel form in a recent viral video featuring a street vendor from Patna. The video, circulating widely on the internet, showcases the vendor’s distinctive method of crafting what he calls “egg pouches,” adding a unique twist. Scroll down to learn more about it. 

In the footage, the vendor employs a specially designed utensil equipped with seven semi-circular moulds, strategically positioned above a bed of burning coals. Methodically, he pours oil, green chillies, a pinch of haldi, and salt into each of the seven compartments. With precision, he mixes the ingredients using a stick before gently introducing two eggs into each section. Finely chopped onions, fresh coriander leaves, and an assortment of masalas are then added. The vendor ensures thorough cooking by flipping the pouches over, achieving perfect doneness on both sides before transferring them to a bowl. 

Check Out The Video Here: 

This intriguing culinary creation has quickly gained traction since its posting just three days ago, amassing over 13 million views. Online commentators have drawn comparisons with “Takoyaki,” a Japanese delicacy resembling small, round dumplings made from an egg-rich batter. A comment humorously noted, “Takoyaki no no Egg pouch,” while others highlighted variations in the preparation process, with one user stating, “Such takoyaki is also made in Japan but the process is a little different.”

The video evoked nostalgia for some, with one commenter reminiscing about eating similar dishes during childhood winters. Others engaged in light-hearted banter, with a sarcastic remark suggesting, “Masala kaam hogeya. Thora sa aur dedo” (“The spices turned out to be too less. Add some more.”). Users also drew parallels with regular omelettes and South Indian appe, prompting discussions on diverse egg-based preparations.